The Ancient Karate Technique That I’ve Used with HUNDREDS of My Guitar Students To Make Them More Creative, Confident, & Comfortable on the Guitar!

"This system is easily accessible to beginners and experts, and breaks down guitar soloing so guitarists can pick it up in no time." ~ Nick M.

My name is Alexander Westenberg, and the first thing you should know about me is… I am not a Karate Master. I’m not an ‘expert’ in guitar either. I don’t have a degree in ANYTHING related to music (or karate…). In fact, the only thing I consider myself an expert in is…


Give me a subject or even a skill and I can learn it well, and quickly, all because of a strategy I learnt from this ancient ‘karate parable’:

In the story, an old Karate master is walking in the woods with his three best students, when they come across a bucking horse blocking the path.

Spying a teaching opportunity, the old master turned to his students and asked them how they should deal with this confrontation.

The first student said he would run up, grab the reins, and subdue the horse.

The master dismissed this suggestion as relying too much on strength.

The next student pointed out that the horse was still a fair way off; he’d run and jump over the horse.

“Too reliant on speed”, the master said.

Finally he turned to the third student, and asked what he would do.

“Go back and find another path”, the student replied.

At this the master congratulated him, and told him he would be a great Karate master, because he had learnt to use his head.

I’ve always loved this story because, for me, it epitomises the path to guitar mastery too.

So many people feel they have to push through or overcome obstacles and difficulties in music.

They think they have to confront the horses that block their path to guitar fluency, using their strength (pigheaded perseverance) or their speed (finding some ‘hack’).

But both these solutions risk everything, and gain little; even if you succeed, there’s another horse further down the road.

Over time your strength wanes, your speed slows down, your motivation saps away, and you either hit a plateau or you give up on the guitar all together.

But the better path – no pun intended – is to find another way.

Ignore the obstacle altogether, and completely disregard that path.

In plain terms, it’s moving around the problem, instead of through it. It’s using your head.

This makes for faster progress, more effective playing, and more enjoyment overall.

This story has been the guiding path for my entire learning journey, and it’s the inspiration for how I teach my students.

The result?

My students develop their own sound, they develop confidence and fluency on the guitar like they’ve never had before – and they have fun!

Which is why I’ve written the Creative Soloing System ebook, to show you another way to improvise and solo.

Here’s some of what’s inside…

• You need to learn a lot of licks, right? WRONG!

• Say goodbye to struggling through solos that sound like they came from a book!

• How to stop feeling like you're 'just not good enough' to improvise!

• The #1 mistake 99% of guitarists make when learning to solo is learning scale patterns… Use the simple technique in Chapter 3 to avoid it!

• A little-known technique to start soloing in as little as 10 minutes… without practising scales or licks…

• The ONLY 2 rules you ever need to learn to start playing professional-sounding solos

Speaking of playing professional-sounding solos… Chapter 3 teaches you how to…

Play better solos with less theory

I’m not kidding.

In fact, one of my students, Jessie, started playing solos that amazed even herself in just ONE day!

So many guitarists and musicians – even some professional music teachers I’ve met! – struggle to explain and conceptualise your solos in a clear way that’s connected to the actual song you’re playing… but this lesson makes it easy!

Impress other musicians by effortlessly soloing over any song… how to ‘see’ chords on the whole guitar… hear the connection between melody and chords… effortlessly improvise anytime… a printable reference chart… and more!

The information in this little ebook is actually SO powerful.

And it’ll save you a TON of time in learning, including hours of frustration and struggle.

Anyway, so here’s the deal: you can get the Creative Soloing System ebook for just $19 USD.

That’s it.

If you had even ONE lesson with me one-on-one, it’d set you back $100 (that’s more than 5 times the price of this ebook!), so I’d say this is a pretty amazing deal, right?

But I want to be very clear about one thing: I do NOT offer a refund on this product.

I do for my larger course, but not for this.


Because it’s such a good deal, and because if you’re coming into this training thinking about getting out or getting a refund, you’re not going to be committed to applying it.


I’m serious about this.

Obviously this isn’t for everyone, and I understand that.

The Creative Soloing System IS for you if…

• You want to develop a creative, confident, comfortable ability to solo over any song

• You struggle with finding melodic variation in soloing.

• You want to feel at ease soloing anywhere on the fretboard

• You want a clear, SIMPLE approach to lead guitar playing

But if you’re one of those guitarists looking for the latest ‘hack’ or some ‘trick’ that will turn you into a guitar god in 5 minutes, THIS ISN’T FOR YOU.

No offence, I just don’t want you wasting your money or my time.

There are other books and courses out there for you…

But it’s not this ebook.

All settled?

Fill in the form below to get the Creative Soloing System for just $19 USD, and start learning this unbelievable way to start improvising today without learning any scales or theory!

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Thank you for teaching me to be creative! I was looking forward to coming home all day yesterday, just so I could play guitar! ~Jessie

As someone who was classically trained, it's exciting to find a method that encourages less intense thought and more creativity! ~ Nadine

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of musical style is CREATIVE SOLOING SYSTEM for?

Beginners, advanced, intermediate, blues guitarists, jazz guitarists, folk guitarists, and more, CREATIVE SOLOING SYSTEM is perfect for you! I've had people who’ve never played a solo before to people who’ve been trying for years. This system will work for ANYONE who wants to unlock their natural creativity, and start improvising quickly and effectively.

Is the content available immediately?

Yes! Once you hit the buy button and fill in your credit card info, you’ll receive an email with the ebook attached.

What's precisely inside CREATIVE SOLOING SYSTEM?

A 20-page ebook containing a simple system to play creatively and bridge the gap between chords and melodies, using the chords you’re already playing.

How can the Creative Soloing System be so simple?

Great question! The reality is, truth is always simple. But as people we just really like to overcomplicate things all the time. So many people want to find some esoteric cool ‘secret’ and when they see a method as simple as mine they can very easily brush it off as ‘too basic’ or ‘nothing new’ or ‘what I already know’. But the reality is, because it’s so simple, the system forces you to build your own unique sound and unique connection with the guitar. Where you take it is up to you!

I’ve tried learning scales and arpeggios before, but found it too hard. How is your system different?

The Creative Soloing System doesn’t require you to memorise anything beyond remembering the chord shapes you’re already using. You don’t need to run through drills or exercises or memorise scales, or anything like that. Instead the Creative Soloing System works by helping you to see and feel and hear a connection with the chords of the song – straight away!

If it’s based around the chords, do I need to learn a lot of theory?

Nope! In fact, the Creative Soloing Systemworks without any theory at all. It’s not about learning abstract information, but about adopting a new paradigm in the way you approach music and the guitar.

Is this the same as the CAGED system?

No. The CAGED system is based around a very specific set of chords and chord shapes, with set melodic/scale patterns built around those chords. The Creative Soloing System is a simpler, more flexible, and more individualistic system for soloing and improvisation.

Can I really start soloing today?

You bet you can! Of course, that depends on how much time you have right now, but this system can be gone through in less than an hour, and many of my students have felt a ‘wow’ moment pretty much immediately. Naturally, how long you’ve been playing before will make a difference on how you sound, but no matter where you start, this system opens up endless possibilities you’ll be discovering for years to come!

I’m a complete beginner - is this ebook for me?

Absolutely! The material in this ebook is extensive and in-depth, there’s plenty here for everyone!

What if I’ve been playing for a while?

Great! You can use the material in this ebook to deepen your creativity, breadth of ability, understanding, and skill in lead guitar playing.

Is the Creative Soloing System complete, or will I need to buy other books or courses?

That depends on what you want! The Soloing System is a complete system, and as far as improvisation goes there's no need for any other courses or books. Of course, there are other methods out there, so you can always explore further. I do offer other courses, but it's not necessary to purchase them to get the benefits of the Creative Soloing System

Get the Creative Soloing System while I still have it at this crazy insane deal of only $19 USD. Creative soloing around the chords you already know is the fastest and easiest way to start improvising. PERIOD.

Today's incredible price: $19 USD!!

Get the Creative Soloing System while I still have it at this crazy insane deal of only $19 USD. Creative soloing around the chords you already know is the fastest and easiest way to start improvising. PERIOD.

Today's incredible price: $19 USD!!

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